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Bob Breeding General Contractors, LLC. has been a leader in construction and installation of pre-engineered metal buildings and foundations since 1969.

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BBGC provides fast, reliable steel building solutions that will last a lifetime.

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Born to Build.

Bob Breeding General Contractors, LLC. has been a family-owned and operated construction company for over 50 years. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality self-installed pre-engineered buildings throughout Delaware and Maryland. As one of the leading pre engineered metal building contractors in the country, we’re determined and committed to get every job done right, on time, and on budget.

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How We Work.

In addition to our expertise in pre-engineered construction design and building, we provide strategic direction throughout the entire working process.​

Our History.

“Born to Build” refers to our three generations of proven results and steadfast commitment to each of our clients. We are here for you.​

Our Team.

Each member of our team holds each other accountable. We’ve earned our reputation through our ability to consistently underpromise and overdeliver.​

The Bob Breeding Difference.

Why Pre-Engineered?

Pre-engineered steel buildings have a variety of advantages over conventional steel buildings and wood frame constructed buildings.


In addition to our expertise in pre-engineered construction design and building, we provide strategic direction throughout the entire working process.​


PEM buildings are highly flexible. Repurposing or remodeling a pre-engineered steel building can be as simple and easy as installing additional frames to the existing structure.​


PEM buildings provide a safe workplace, help prevent intruders, and are non-combustible. All of our PEM buildings comply with the OSHA Safety Standards for Metal Building.


PEM buildings take less time to erect than traditional buildings. Insurance, utility, and maintenance costs are typically much lower compared to traditional buildings.


Pre-engineered steel components are designed to fit neatly and precisely. Most projects require much less field work and eliminate the unnecessary waste of time, money, and materials.


Pre-engineered steel buildings require a smaller footprint and can be up to 30% lighter than traditional steel buildings. They also provide more insulation and can reduce energy usage.​

Industries we serve.

We're known for our ability to adapt.

For over 50 years, BBGC has provided unique, custom-tailored building solutions to a variety of industries.


Whether a small shed, a medium sized barn, or a 36,000 square foot chicken house, pre-engineered is an excellent solution for agricultural-based businesses.​

Corporate Offices.​

Pre-engineered office spaces have been trending for over a decade due to the growing need for more energy-efficient, sustainable solutions that require very little maintenance.​


Pre-engineered metal buildings offer many advantages to the aviation industry due to the fact that they are column-free, extremely durable, and cost little to maintain.​


PEM is the ideal solution for police stations, fire stations, and service centers because they can meet complex needs such as large doors and offer more space for equipment.


Pre-engineered metal building provides a safe, spacious, and non-combustible environment for warehouses, storage facilities, and manufacturing plants.​

And much more.​

If you don't see your industry listed, it's more than likely that we'll be very familiar with your industry and the type of pre-engineered metal building you have planned.

Have a Project in Mind?

Looking for pre engineered metal building contractors? Give us a call or request a proposal and learn how BBGC can help you with your dream project today! Our specialists have a wide variety of knowledge across all building types and can assist you during any stage of the process.